Couples Therapy

Couples TherapyCommunication is essential for satisfying relationships and to develop a strong, healthy emotional connection with each other. The relationship gets easier to the degree that couples feel understood by one another. Open and frequent communication is essential for satisfying relationships with a strong emotional connection. This happens when a couple can freely express their needs, their pain, and their individual perspectives in an accepting and nonjudgmental context. Couple’s counseling provides a safe place for couples to be genuine and open with each other. Couple’s Counseling may include:

  • Structured communication exercises
  • Compromise and negotiation skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Identity and self-esteem issues
    • Fear of losing oneself
    • Fear of criticism
    • Fear of rejection
    • Fear of being “swallowed up”
  • Experimenting with new behaviors
  • Role-playing

The most important aspect of couple’s counseling is the “magic” that happens when a person feels truly heard and understood by the other.

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