What is Body Language?

Body language is the use of all or individual parts of our bodies to express or in general communicate our feelings/assumptions/reactions or thoughts to the other person/persons. We read others body language to first of all determine if it is safe to be around them. (primitive survival behavior)

Body Language and Communication

Body language tells us what someone means when they are talking or just looking at us. If we can’t read their bodies we will not be able to understand other people. If we don’t use the appropriate body language around people they will misinterpret us. This can be very bad. Someone might think we want to do them harm or that we are insulting them. Poor body language can also make people uncomfortable around us. It’s hard for others to relate to us.

Share Your Experience

Have you ever experienced people who act uncomfortable around you?  In a conversation has your mind ever gone blank?  If you like, share your stories with me. I’d love to hear from you.  marilynlperry@yahoo.com

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